Uniden UPP60 Auto Emergency Power Pack with 6000mAh Jump Starter and Air Pump

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    Product Details

    Uniden UPP120BK Auto Emergency Power Pack with 12000mAh Jump Starter and Air compressor

    Auto Emergency PowerPack


    The Uniden Portable Power and Roadside Assistance Kit is addition to any vehicle. Be prepared with the necessary equipment whiledriving near or far. Features include a universal 12V clamp cable, USB Port(5V/2Ah Port), LED flashlight, compact air pump with gauge, air need, accessories and AC/DC chargers. The battery supports engines greater than 5.0liter (<3.0 liter Diesel) making it the ideal roadside assistant.


    The Uniden portable power and roadside assistance kit is a must have accessory for anyone who drives anywhere. The UPP120 provides a reliable power source to jump start any automobile, inflate tires or toys, and charge AC/DC powered accessories and electronics. The UPP120 provide the perfect power source for tablets, cellular phones, and audio/video players.


    The Uniden  UPP120 is available in a choice of black, white, or blue battery pack and features an LED strength meter so you have visual confirmation of the charge available.


    Packaged in a rugged ABS carry case ready for the road, a great just in case you ever need accessory the Uniden UPP120 provides peace of mind anywhere you go!

    Product Features

    • Resting Discharge Loss12%/year
    • Compact Air Pump withGauge
    • Start Current: 200A -Peak Current: 400A
    • Supports Engines<5.0L (<3.0L Diesel)
    • Universal 12V Clampsand 12,000mAh
    • USB V/2.1Ah port
    • LED flashlight
    • 2-1 UBS cable
    • Compact Air Pump w/Gauge
    • Lifecycle 1000discharges
    • Resting discharge loss12%/year
    • AC & DC Chargers
    • Carrying case


    This product can expose you to a chemical such as lead that is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to Prop 65 California