Sky Viper 01647 Racer Drone w/ Remote Control

Sky Viper 01647 Racer Drone w/ Remote Control

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    Advanced Hover Racing drones take the action right from your smart device and into your own backyard. Race at 20 Miles per hour! through a course of your own design. Hover Racers connect with beacons via infrared sensor to complete time trials, or race up to four other Hover Racers! Free to play app even records your lap times. Grab a buddy and play Co-Pilot mode where two smart devices connect to one drone to defeat the game. Improve your skills to unlock stronger weapons, higher drone performance, and gain the advantage in multi-player racing and combat battling. Flight Assist features, Auto Launch, Auto Hover, and Auto Land, make it fast and easy to master Hover Racing. Hover Racer game play offers unlimited ways to play. Do you have what it takes to be a Hover Racer?

    The Sky Viper Remote Control Hover Racer Gaming Drone - 2.4 GHz Red featues:
      • Combine Video Games and Drone Racing!

      • Fly 3 feet off the ground at 20 Miles per hour!

      • Race! Battle! Upgrade!

      • Customize Your Own Race Track with 4 Infrared Beacons (included)

    • Control Hover Racer with a free-to-play app available in iTunes and Google Play

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