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Mini Spy Audio Black Box Digital Voice Recorder with magnet


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○ Programmable to record only on certain days/at certain times
○ Noise-activation preserves battery life and only records important events
○ Heavy-duty magnet included to discreetly mount recorder on surfaces
○ DO NOT attach to electronics that can be damaged by magnets


Comes with built in heavy duty magnet to allow firm placement. NOTE: Do not place on TV or any other electronics that can be damaged by magnetic force. Magnets and TV screens do not mix well together. With this device, you can place it anywhere you feel you need to record audio. You can place it in a car, under a desk, table, chair, etc. An audio box like this will give you the security you need to know what is going on behind closed doors. This is the perfect device to use if you do not want to deal with those confusing high tech wifi IP cameras, expensive security systems, and saves on price. Set the voice recorder to only record on certain days or during certain times – for example – 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. The time/date stamp will show you exactly when each file is recorded. se the power/control button to easily start or stop the voice activated recording. Whenever audio is detected within range the recorder will begin recording. There are no lights, beeps, sounds, or any indications when the device is recording. Connect to your computer via included USB cable for file playback.

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