4-in-1 Multiple USB Type Charging Cable (Micro, Mini, Type C, Lightning)

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    ○ Conveniently contains multiple USB cables in one bundle.
    ○ Charging only - no data transfer.
    ○ 2x Micro-A, 1x Mini, 1x Type C, 1x Lightning
    ○ Always be prepared for those moments you need to charge a camera, smartphone, and iPad all at the same time with only 1 available USB port.

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    Product Details

    • General Features:
    • Multi Color Charging Cables for Added Fun
    • 1x Lightning Cable
    • 1x USB-C
    • 1x USB Mini
    • 2x USB Micro
    • Charge Only - No Data Transfer
    • Package Includes:
    • 4-in-1 USB Charging Cable


    • Product Requirements:
    • Available USB Charging Port

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