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4-in-1 Multiple USB Type Charging Cable w/ Carabiner Clip

Clip this to your belt and everyone will ask you for tech support
  • $14

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○ Charging Adapters: Lightning, USB C, USB Mini, USB Micro x 2
○ Charge only, no data transfer
○ Colorful, unlike the traditional black / white USB cable
○ Carabiner clip for easy access on belt loops and chains


With this cable you’ll never be out of reach of the right changing cable again! This handy gadget Includes Lightning, USB-C, Mini-USB, USB-A (regular USB), and two (2) Micro USB connectors. It comes with a carabiner type clip for attaching to keychains, purses, belt-loops, etc. Pros : You can't tangle it.  Works with multiple types of USB ports. Con : The cables are short (3.5 inches).  Charging only, no data transfer



- Charges devices with Lightning / USB C / USB Mini / USB Micro Ports- 3.5 Inch USB Cables - No Data Transfer
- Carabiner Clip
- Includes 1x 4-in-1 Multi Colored USB Cable w/ Carabiner Clip

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