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What Services Do We Provide?

Malware Removal - $99

If your computer is acting strangely, is it too slow, it may be Malware. By definition Malware is all the software or code intended to harm, intrude or annoy, this includes virus, spyware, adware, jokeware, trojan horses, phishing tools, keyloggers, rootkits, backdoors, botnets and other malicious software.

System Optimization - $59

We recommend to make a system optimization at least every 6 months, this will help your computer feel as new. The system optimization consists in removing startup programs, cleaning registry, defragmenting drives, junkware removal, uninstalling unused software, removing unnecessary toolbars and updating software.


Full System Restore - $79

If your computer doesn't boot or if a malware affected system files that cannot be restored you will need a full system restore, your data will be stored in a different hard drive, your drive will be formatted, your Operation System(OS) will be reinstalled.

Hardware Troubleshoot - $50

If your computer does not turn on, makes strange beeping, automatically reboots, etc. it may be a hardware defect, we will do a diagnostic and offer you a solution.

Screen Replacement - $69

Your Laptop Screen is broken? We will replace it. Price varies depending on model. If we have the screen in stock we will return same day.
Cracked your screen on your phone? We will replace it for you. Price varies depending on device.

Complete System Build - $150

All you have to do is gather up all the parts you want and we will put them together for you, this includes Operating System installation. We will even get you the parts that you want if we dont have them in stock.

Hardware Installation (Desktop) - $35

Do you need a new power supply? Secondary hard drive? Video card? Sound card? Modem? We will install it for you. (Excludes Motherboard Install).

Data Backup/Transfer - $30

When you purchase a new computer we will transfer your information. (Software cannot be transfered).

Motherboard Installation - $99

Upgrading or replacing your motherboard? dont risk damaging it. Bring it to the Geeks.