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Who we are

"industry insiders“

We are industry veterans who are geeks at heart. We are passionate about the technology and gadgets that we sell. And we enjoy sharing these deals with our friends and customers. Regardless if it is new tech or old tech at a new price, it needs to be interesting or cool or useful in some way to merit listing on our site.

Even though we have an 18 year history behind us, we are in many ways a start up. After a slumber of a few years and a reboot we are back. Get ready for the deals to start !

What we do

I want that!

If we see a product and think, I want that, or I can really use that, then we buy it and share.

We are all about deals. Great prices and cool and interesting products. Our slogan is “best deals every nanosecond”, and while that might be a wee bit of an exaggeration, our dedication remains: to deliver great deals to our customers.

Why choose us

real people

We are real people, not automated bots. No outsourcing. No telemarketers. No call directors or endless voice mail prompts. No auto responders for email. Just real people who are ready to listen and help.