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Multi-Purpose Wallet Tool

Multi-Purpose Wallet Tool

Combines over 7 unique functions in a slim, card-sized package!
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○ Fits comfortably in your wallet / purse / backpack / etc.
○ Constructed from durable, heat-treated steel
○ Functions include: Knife, Bottle opener, Cell phone stand (landscape orientation), Screwdriver, Hex wrench, Can opener, Nail puller, Ruler


This amazing tool combines at least 7 different functions into a compact, card-sized package! Keep one in your wallet and you'll be prepared for almost any occasion! 
○ Knife
○ Bottle Opener
○ Cell Phone Stand (landscape orientation)
○ Screwdriver
○ Hex Wrench
○ Can Opener
○ Nail Puller 

○ Ruler

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