Multi-Functional Cube - The Best Stress / Anxiety Relief Gadget For Busy Hands!

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    ○ Designed for fidgeters with multiple built in functions.
    ○ Compliments any home or office desk.
    ○ Lanyard ensures your cube is always available and your mind is always busy.
    ○ Possibly solely responsible for the collapse of the demand for retractable pens.

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    Product Details

    • General Features:
    • Color: Green / Black
    • Lanyard ensures cube remains secured to wrist at all times.
    • Silent / Noisy Buttons
    • Rotating Spinner
    • Pivoting Switch
    • Rolling Gears / Ball
    • Gliding Joystick
    • Stress Relieving Indented Side
    • Package Includes:
    • 1x Cube w/ Lanyard


    • Product Requirements:
    • None

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