7 Port High Speed USB 3.0 Hub - Windows / Mac OS Compatible

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    ○ Modern sleek aluminum design
    ○ 7 USB 3.0 Ports support up to 5Gbps Data Transfer
    ○ Plug & Play for Windows / Mac OS - No software downloads necessary
    ○ Not a stand alone charger for your devices

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    Product Details

    Most laptop manufacturers have removed ports in order to slim down their notebooks.  This allows for thinner and lighter notebooks but leaves you lacking the necessary number of ports when you need them.  The sleek aluminum design complements any device and adds to the overall aesthetics of your desk.  Never find yourself unplugging the keyboard to plug in a flash drive ever again!

    Product Specifications:

    ○ 7 High Speed USB 3.0 Ports
    ○ Data Transfer Rates up to 5Gbps

    Package Includes:

    ○ 1 USB Hub
    ○ 1 Power Adapter for 7 Port USB Hub

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