4-in-1 Multiple USB Type Charging Cable w/ Carabiner Clip

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    ○ Charging Adapters: Lightning, USB C, USB Mini, USB Micro x 2
    ○ Charge only, no data transfer
    ○ Colorful, unlike the traditional black / white USB cable
    ○ Carabiner clip for easy access on belt loops and chains

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    Product Details

    With this cable you’ll never be out of reach of the right changing cable again! This handy gadget Includes Lightning, USB-C, Mini-USB, USB-A (regular USB), and two (2) Micro USB connectors. It comes with a carabiner type clip for attaching to keychains, purses, belt-loops, etc. Pros : You can't tangle it.  Works with multiple types of USB ports. Con : The cables are short (3.5 inches).  Charging only, no data transfer



    - Charges devices with Lightning / USB C / USB Mini / USB Micro Ports- 3.5 Inch USB Cables - No Data Transfer
    - Carabiner Clip
    - Includes 1x 4-in-1 Multi Colored USB Cable w/ Carabiner Clip

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