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Voice Activated Recorder - Discreet Audio Black Box w/ Mounting Magnet & 170 Hour Recording Time

Discreet, easy-to-install, and will make you feel like James Bond
  • $75

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○ Programmable to record only on certain days/at certain times
○ Noise-activation preserves battery life and only records important events
○ Heavy-duty magnet included to discreetly mount recorder on surfaces
○ DO NOT attach to electronics that can be damaged by magnets


Digital Voice Recorder - Discreet Audio Bug Black Box

Note : Do not mount to a TV or other electronics that can be damaged by the built in magnet.

Product Details :

2200 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Records up to 175 continuous hours

Scheduled Recording for long term audio recording needs (ex. 3 hours daily for 2 months / 60 days)

Voice Activated / Scheduled Audio Recording

Package Includes:

Digital Voice Recorder

USB Cable

Quick Start Instruction Guide

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