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Daily Deal - Ratcheting Screwdriver w/ 11.5 Inch Flexible Extension

Posted by Geeks .com on's first experimental deal of the day is the Flexible Screwdriver Set - 1 Ratcheting Screwdriver, an 11.5 Inch Drill Extension, and 10 Bits.

Price : $5. Free Shipping. Limit 3

This tool is a must have for all the convenience it provides.  The flexible extension allows you to tackle a screw 11 inches out of reach without needing a ladder or tackle a screw 2 inches from an obstacle that would have blocked a regular screwdriver.  This saves you the trouble of going out of your way to get to pesky screws.

Plus you can shape it into a hook and pretend you're a pirate.  That will probably get old after a few hours.


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